Reach a young audience, which is through and through urban, lifestyle and fashion-conscious with MASANI’s AMBIENT MEDIA.

With MASANI’s you can directly reach a predominantly young and above all extremely free-spending demography. Guests of the carefully selected venues are early adopters who have their eyes, noses and ears open to trends. Your opinion-forming position as an influencer ensures the rapid multiplication of your advertising message.

The handy postcards are very often picked up by the target group for their own use – whether as a greeting card, gift card or art on the refrigerator door.

In The Heart of The Target Group

GenderMale/Female 50/50%
Age18-40 Years (in part older)
GeographyUrban (towns and nearby)
Purchase PowerMedium to High
TypeHipsters, Trendsetters, Influencers, Students, Yuppy, LOHAS, DINKs, Fashionistas, Culture and Art prone persons