MASANI’S CARDS FOR FREE was founded in Switzerland in 1990 by Walter Hügli, owner of the legendary clubs Rohstofflager and Toni Molkerei and quickly grew in appeal within the gastronomy industry as well as with end-users. “A bit of art, a bit of culture, a bit of advertising” was the motto of Walter Hügli and that was exactly the composition, which made the concept of Cards For Free so successful. One of the first locations of MASANI’S was the Helvti-Bar in Zürich. But very quickly the free postcards became nationally known and found their way from district cafés right up to art museums and theatres. In 2008 MASANI’S proudly distributed its 100-millionth postcard. In June 2015 MASANI’S was acquired by PROPAGANDA Zurich Ltd and successfully developed further.

Internationally the CARDS FOR FREE advertising tool has been around at an earlier time: the Danish company Gocard in Copenhagen distributed free postcards five years before, the Spanish company Vangardia supposedly distributed free postcards actively since 1985 in Madrid and Barcelona. But not only in Europe, overseas free postcards are diligently spread out as well, for instance in Brazil and Australia.

Nowadays CARDS FOR FREE are very popular and cheerfully followed by a large fanbase even in the digital age.